E Commerce/ Mini Importation, Digital Marketing And Website Development

Website Development

Starting a new buy and sell business may be easy but growing one requires a lot more work. . Learn how to setup an interacting E commerce website where customers can visit, make orders and buy online


Digital Marketing Studies

Step By Step Process to running Facebook and Instagram laser targeted conversion ads that sells Common mistakes Nigerians make running ads and how to prevent your account from getting banned

E commerce and Mini-Importation

How to search for products on 1688.com and Taobao.com.

The complete list of websites/portals where you can get the cheapest deals on any product

Secret on how to ship your items to Nigeria and pay lesser shipping fees

Get access to my No 1 Local delivery company

In addition to my online classroom, I also offer an option to take part in a live classroom. It takes place in our office located in Lagos Nigeria. We hopefully will be reopening our office after the lock down and studies  may continue as before.Here you’ll be able to use the most up-to-date facilities and computer equipment.

For more information you can email us or call the phone number on  our website.

Mini importation/ E commerce FACEBOOK ADS and WORDPRESS for #1,000 only

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My name is Deborah Idowu , Am a digital entrepreneur i sell everything online, from fashion items, to household products, real estate and information products.  A few years back i struggled with Marketing, i had a pile of goods stocked up but no avenue to show it to people who could really afford to buy them.  I also had some brilliant ideas and information which i knew could help someone in business but there was no way to express them.

Digital Marketing gave me a voice

While searching for an answer i stumbled upon Digital Marketing, i am a technical person and i would say it has become my advantage . I have been able to break down the complexity of marketing using digital marketing and website development, now everyone can learn it without having to be techyhi




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I am Bamisaiye.I attended one of the trainings you held in 2019 and I was shocked by one of the statements made.He said and I quote, “If any job is paying you less than a 100,000 naira then its not a job, its slavery.”As at the time I was being paid 17,000 naira a month as a teacher.I resigned the following week and put into practice what i was taught, E-commerce and Digital Marketing.I started with my savings of 60,000 which I used to bring in 30 pieces of a product which I sold in 2 weeks and made a revenue of 360,000 naira. Thanks once again for showing us the way..
Last year I resigned as a factory worker and before then I had worked for 10 years under Chinese, Indians e.t.c working day and nights and receiving peanuts(low remuneration) I was frustrated until a day I received an insult that made me channel my anger to do something better with my life. Thanks to some books I read and the word of God by my pastor Omiyale Yomi. My eyes were opened and I came to realize INFORMATION and KNOWLEDGE is what most people lack. SO 2019 was the year. I Stumbled upon one of the courses 5 internet businesses to begin in 2020 using Digital Marketing. All I needed was just a laptop, and with the right Mentoring I got from my Great and Wonderful Mentors Deborah Idowu, and my pastor Yomi Omiyale tagged above, have been able to succeed in all the 5 Businesses with unquestionable result.
Paul Yaweh
Business Owner