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Today many Small Businesses are struggling to make sales. Sales is the life line of any business. A business that is not making sales will definitely hit the rocks, that means it is only a matter of time before the business crumbles.

The good news is, this doesn’t have to be the case for your business, if you are willing to master the art of making sales. I am offering a video, in this video I will introduce you to a business model that can guarantee you weekly sales. This involves Digital Marketing, Website Development and E-Commerce​

Digital Marketing

Step By Step Process to running Facebook and Instagram laser targeted conversion ads that sells

Common mistakes Nigerians make running ads and how to prevent your Facebook account from getting banned


Secret on how to ship your items to Nigeria and pay lesser shipping fees

Get access to my No 1 Local delivery company

360 Pages Yomi
Website Development

How to create user friendly landing pages in less than 1 hour using Elementor

How to create web forms for user customer data

and more...

you will learn how you can use the skills to your advantage. How you can also use Digital Marketing and Website Development to drive sales for your business.  You will also get a 360 pages E-book that teaches Digital Marketing, Website Development and E-Commerce.

Yomi Omiyale



I am Omiyale Yomi, I am the CEO of The Hagital Group (Parent company of Haginstores, TrainingHub, Hagital Digital Services and Genius Consulting).Prior to now I worked for 5 years at a Big 4 Multinational Auditing firm as a Tax Accountant afterwhich I proceeded to work in the Oil and Gas Industry as a Senior Tax Accountant. I am also a minister of the gospel and I pastor Lighthouse Church in Ogba, Lagos.

Today I want to offer you the “keys to my advertising kingdom.” To show you how to create the requisite income for whatever you want in life through the power of paid ads.

Now, if you’re wondering what gives me the right to make such a bold claim in the first place… Take a look at 

Allow me to share a few quick facts about me…

I am a mini-importer and I have sold hundreds of products in the last few months using Digital ads.

I am an author and I sell  copies of my E-books online using digital marketing strategies.

I am a trainer and I facilitate both well attended free and paid trainings every month using Digital Marketing.

I am a realtor and I market both low cost and premium properties using Internet marketing techniques.

I develop websites and run low cost but highly converting ads for small and medium scale businesses.

I am not special.Digital Marketing and Website Development is a no-brainer.Anyone can master it if well taught.

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Last year I resigned as a factory worker and
before then I had worked for 10 years under Chinese, Indians e.t.c working day and nights and receiving peanuts(low remuneration)
I was frustrated until a day I received an insult that made me channel my anger to do something better with my life. Thanks to some books I read and the word of God by my pastor Omiyale Yomi. My eyes were opened and I came to realize INFORMATION and KNOWLEDGE is what most people lack.
All I needed was just a laptop, and with the right Mentorship I got from my Great and Wonderful Mentors Tolulope Debra Idowu Stanley Okonkwo and my pastor YOMI OMIYALE tagged above, have been able to succeed in all the 5 BUSINESSES WITH UNQUESTIONABLE RESULTS.

I am Bamisaiye.I attended one of Pastor Yomi’s trainings in 2019 and I was shocked by one of the statements he made.He said and I quote, “If any job is paying you less than a 100,000 naira then its not a job, its slavery.”As at the time he made this statement, I was being paid 17,000 naira a month as a teacher.I resigned the following week and put into practice what Pastor taught us at the E-commerce and Digital Marketing.I started with my savings of 60,000 which I used to bring in 30 pieces of a product which I sold in 2 weeks and made a revenue of 360,000 naira.Thanks once again Pastor for showing us the way..

I am Sunday Igah.I am a member of Pastor Yomi’s church.I attended Pastor Yomi’s seminar on E-commerce and mini-importation and subsequently got materials from him on Digital Marketing and Website Development.Prior to that I was working 6 days a week at a company where I was paid less than 80,000 naira a month which I could barely survive on considering my many responsiblities.I brought in some products and I sold everything within two days.The Profit I made in two days of selling the products was more than my salary for a month.It was at that point that I knew I needed to quit my job.I have quit my job now and last month alone my revenue was over 300,000 naira from this business.Thanks Pastor for your life transforming teachings

My name is Kemi Omoaka. I’m the CEO/Wellness Consultant at De-Gilead Health & Wellness Hub. My family started experiencing financial hardship since August, 2019 after the Nigerian border closure as we could no longer import one of our products which was like our “ATM machine.”

In January this year, My hubby and I decided to embark on a 21 day prayer and fasting of which financial freedom was the major prayer request.Few days into the fast, I stumbled on Pastor Yomi’s free Digital Marketing Training advert on Facebook. Actually, I wasn’t a Facebook fan before then as FB usually gets me distracted, but I know my being on FB that day was divine.

I attended the free training and also decided to go a step further by attending the paid Digital Marketing Trainings after hearing amazing testimonials from ex-trainees from previous training classes. My slogan was “if Pastor Yomi and his ex-trainees can make it through digital marketing, I will definitely make it too.”The paid training ended the first week in February, and I started selling online in the third week of the same month. I gave myself a target of N100,000 for the two weeks remaining in February but met and surpassed it within one week, so I decided to increase my target to N300,000 and eventually ended up making about N285,000. It’s exactly a month after the training, and I’ve made over N400,000 in profit. To cut the long story short, my life did not remain the same after the training.

Thanks to Pastor Yomi for showing me the way.

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