Bio Energy Health Bracelet

Some Of The Fascinating Features Of  The Bracelets Are: 
  • Increases mental clarity and reduce stances of headaches

  • Lowers the level of cholesterol and bad fat.

  • Controls diabetes and high blood pressure.

  • Protects from mobile radiations and other types of radiations

  • Removes harmful toxins from the body; strengthens the liver and kidney.

  • Alleviates physical stress, cramps, stiffness, and discomfort.

  • Helps in reducing water retention in the body.

  • Relieves tiredness and fatigue

  • Promotes quality sleep

  • Slows down aging

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Helps increase blood circulation in the body.

  • Increases the metabolism of body cells


Promo Price : 19,500 Naira
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Health benefits of the 4 Healing Elements in Bell Bio energy health bracelet

  1. FAR INFRA RED: Improves blood circulations/flow, relieves fatigues, helps with blood pressure control, strengthens the immune system, reduces pain, improves heart health. Strengthens liver function, Promotes metabolism. Balances Body’s PH. Helps burn bad fat and controls cholesterol.

  2. Neodymium Magnets: Pain Relief. Controls swelling. Helps to treat headache. Promotes Quality sleep by improving the body’s melatonin production, with relaxing effect on the body. Alleviates physical stress, fatigue and tiredness, cramps or discomfort. Reduces water retention in the body. Helps wound healing.  Fortifies the bones and helps with osteoporosis. Increases  blood circulation and cellular oxygen level thereby preventing cancer and other dangerous health challenges and helping the body to heal itself.

  3. Germanium: Protects the body from harmful radiation from  mobile phones, computer and Tv screens, microwave oven and other electrical appliances. Good for treatment of joint and muscle pain in arthritis, backache, and reduces inflammation and swelling. It has antineoplastic properties  to reduce risk of cancer. Promotes detoxification: speeds up the removal of toxins and metabolic wastes from the body, thereby strengthening the liver and kidneys. Increases energy level and body metabolism consequently helping to lower blood glucose levels and boosting the body’s sensitivity to insulin, countering insulin resistance in diabetics. Increases blood circulation in the brain. Boosts the immune system- the ability of the body to fight and overcome infections. Slows down aging.

  4. Negative ion: The component enables the bracelet to use the principle of magnetic fields and ion exchange to offer fascination health benefits. It has stimulatory effect on nerves to improve blood flow to different parts of the body. Helps alleviates depression and mood swings by increasing mood serotonin. Helps to clear the air of air- bone allergens like bacteria and virus. It enhances physical as well as mental power.